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Where can I get photos and What kinds of photos can I use? As long as a photo image quality is over 300DPI and the higher the better, this means if you want to use your own shooting images and put it on the wall surfaces, the size of the printing on the wall will be determined by the DPI quality of your photo images, the higher resolution could be, the larger size of images can be printed with a good quality. Here’s a few website’s that have thousands of high quality photos that you can choose from.
 What surfaces can the printing solution be applied?Basically we can print images on any surface areas as long as it is flat. Like drywall either interiors or exteriors, stucco, wooden garage doors, tiles, brick wall surfaces, window blinds and many others.
 How much time would it take to complete a job on site?Generally we need about one hour to set up the machine when we arrive at the job site. The printing process for a 30 square feet image would take around an hour to finish the printing and a size of 60 square feet image would take around an hour and forty minutes to complete. Please note that these estimated times are based on the surface areas being WHITE or close to white color. We may need extra time to paint it white if your wall surfaces or printing areas are not white colors.
 What limitations, if any, would there be to perform a job? What sizes of photo image can be printed?  At this moment, we need the ceilings to be at least 108 inches for the Printer Machine to operate on site and the job site desired printing area needs to be wide open so were not having to move furniture. At this time the largest printing area that we can do is 66 square feet.
 How long can I expect a printed image to last? Interior printed images will last 10 – 15 years if there are no man-made damages. Exterior image prints will vary due to the various conditions; like direct sun exposure, water conditions etc. and we estimate 2- 5 years, again depending on conditions.
 How can a printed image be removed if you don’t want it anymore? Simple, would just prime and paint right over the image. The inks are water based and will not bleed back through.

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